From a labor-intensive process... paperless and automated receipt

From piles of paper certifications, delivery notes and invoices...

Today, important supply chain documents like Delivery Notes and Manufacturing Certifications are printed out, signed, scanned back in, copies made and are included with the shipped parts making for a highly labour-intensive shipping process. digitally authored and shareable documents

We create digital documents automatically from your transactions. They are encrypted and digitally signed - allowing you to instantly share them with your trading partners. Ship your parts, not paper.


Our customers enjoy a significant reduction in inbound receiving labor by moving their suppliers to a digital Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN). They are able to consume this data directly to their ERP system and pre-populate the receiving inventory transactions. This massively reduces labor-intensive and error-prone touch time and allows greater time to inspect the quality of parts.

Furthermore, receiving clerks no longer have to deal with paperwork since all of the documentation usually provided by the supplier in paper form is now digitally available on the platform. 

This leads to increased first pass quality when receiving parts because the documents can be inspected 'at-source' and issues resolved before the physical parts hit the dock. storage of documents against the part - where it belongs

From storing and managing paperwork in warehouses...

Companies are wrestling with mountains of physical paper that is copied, scanned, stored in warehouses and is difficult to retrieve. Furthermore, because it is all paper, it's difficult to turn all that information into operational insights

We allow multiple parties to store logistical, operational and technical information against the part batch/serial number. This allows a supplier to author and share manufacturing certifications the instant they are authored - saving you time, improving quality and making you easier to do business with

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