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CORES - A revolutionary approach to supply chain risk prediction

Our team at Enspan is very proud to embark on a new journey to design an entirely new way of predicting supply chain risk, especially for complex and multi-tier supply chains. Joined by a very strong team from the University of Cambridge's Institute for Manufacturing (, AML Sheffield ( and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (, we aim to equip manufacturers and their suppliers with tools to address the challenge of supply chain risk prediction and, as a result, to avoid the disruptions and costs associated with them.

Even pre-COVID, tremendous efforts have been made to improve supply chain risk predictions. In the post-COVID world, this topic has become one of the top priorities for supply chain leaders across the globe, industries and company sizes. However, there are fundamental difficulties to the ultimate supply chain visibility:

  1. Companies, large or small, do not like sharing their data, and without data, you cannot make any estimates.

  2. SMEs represent 99% of all businesses in the EU (European Commission), yet, many are not equipped technically to participate in digital ecosystems - only 36% of SMEs use ERP.

The CORES team is working to address these challenges during the project funded by Innovate UK. Are you interested in what we are doing and how? Visit our website and join our community @!

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