How we see the Digital Twin idea is that it should represent not only the physical part but also all of the interactions of that part within the supply chain. Today, data resides on 'islands of information' within organizations - allowing only a transverse view of how parts behave. This is inhibiting developing insights into true supply chain behavior. 

We architected our solution to be 'part centric'. This idea goes to the heart of the digital twin concept: A part is a unique physical object and as it is manufactured, shipped, inspected, installed, operates and goes through maintenance and upgrades, there should be a place where all of that data can come together - no matter who authors it. And it should be made available to anyone who has authority to view it.

Each part batch or serial number is uniquely identified on our platform. We created a chronological 'timeline' of events that can occur to a part over its life span. As the part moves through the supply chain events are created. Those events are stored in sequence on a timeline of the part. Each even is authored by an individual or organization which enjoys the total rights to that data - we cannot even see it. Event data can be shared with supply chain partners using our encrypted messaging protocol. When parts are shipped, the received can automatically view data that was included in the shipping event.

We architected our solution so that an unlimited amount of event types can be created to record actions and events against the individual part. Using this approach yields unique insights into how parts behave in the real world and gives planners, forecasters, reliability engineers and regulators a unique data set to improve their outcomes.


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