SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Entities) have a difficult time getting access to sufficient capital to expand their businesses. Yet > 98% of the US manufacturing supply chain is made up of SMEs.


SMEs need cash to grow: buy enough raw materials to successfully bid on larger projects, or expand their sales and marketing efforts or further train their employees. 

Too often, banks overlook small businesses because the cost of due diligence outweighs the return on the loan.

We are changing that.

Enspan was recently awarded a grant to extend our invoice automation capability to be able to connect SMEs with pools of private capital looking for yield. We are currently building out this solution.


SMEs can apply for instant loans based upon the deliveries that have been received by their customers. Because our supply chain protocol verifies and notarizes the delivery note and PO information, we achieve a faster and higher quality 3-way match. Therefore, investors can be certain that payment will be made. 


  1. Very low friction to sign up and get approved

  2. Low interest rate costs - SMEs enjoy the credit rating of their customer

  3. Can fund greater % of the delivery due to lower risk of default (up to 100%)

  4. Very fast access to cash – since we significantly accelerate the invoice creation and approval process, SMEs get their money sooner

  5. 100% 3-way match means massively less invoice exceptions and faster processing for customers and suppliers

Talk to us about how you can get involved.

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