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The Open Supply Chain platform connecting B2B trading partners

We give each customer a digital platform to view consolidated ecosytem data and broadcast/ receive messages throughout their supply chain without building point-to-point EDI.

What is Enspan?

Enspan connects businesses together - answering today's typical phone and email questions

Directly connecting to business partners via point-to-point EDI is too costly and complex for most businesses

We handle that for you - and you never need to change your backend systems
Enspan is your PROXY for business-to-business communications

Orders, shipments, receipts, invoices and more

Connect once to Enspan

Securely share transactions with business partners

And, as you grow, you never need to add additional communications channels

Customers are demanding greater supply chain visibility from their suppliers but a surprisingly low percentage of suppliers can comply

Large Aerospace Distributor



Direct integration is overly complex and costly for smaller supply chain partners to maintain for each of their partners


Translating data for each trading partner is overly complex; impossible for smaller players​


Larger players offer little to no incentives for partners to move to EDI which contributes to lack of visibility throughout the supply chain


Today's solutions are aimed at the high end of the market and out of reach for the majority of manufacturers



  • Seamlessly author ASNs, invoices, delivery notes and other logistics transactions and share with trading partners

  • Transactions are pushed to the cloud where your trading partners 'listen' and consume into their ERP system - eliminating manual entry; making you easier to do business with

  • All transactions and data are encrypted and owned by the author - you are in complete control of your data from start to finish


  • Digitally author and notarize certificates, delivery notes, ASNs, invoices and regulatory documents

  • Instantly share documents with trading partners

  • Paperless shipping and receiving

  • Fully Supply Chain visibility: see when parts are shipped; perform quality inspection on documents before the parts arrive; get notifications about critical and time-sensitive part shipments


  • Use our open APIs to develop innovative applications on top of our platform

  • Combine your data, that of your trading partners and other data sources into innovative applications

  • Using this unique horizontal supply chain data model, develop entirely innovative business models



Easy. Fast. Secure.

At enspan, our comprehensive technological solutions help companies of all sizes move up the digital value curve

Whether your company has a sophisticated ERP system or not, we have several ways for you to rapidly set up to present a digital image to the world and delight your trading partners

Our encrypted messaging protocol allows you to share supply chain data with virtually anyone. Furthermore, our data ethics insist on you owning your data. We can't even see it

Our choice to be open and non-proprietary allows you and your partners to build apps on top of our platform while combining it with data from other sources - allowing you to innovate business processes and even entirely new business models

In order to empower our users to do better, enspan is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes. For a free demo, contact us today.

Startup Room


An innovative SaaS Supply Chain Startup

enspan is a London based technology company offering unique supply chain solutions to companies of all sizes. Our business is setting the industry standard for connecting multi-tiered supply chains in innovative ways, positioning us as category leaders worldwide. Our team members are aerospace and automotive industry and technology veterans, committed to providing smart solutions for any size of project. Contact us to request a demo or meet a member of our team.

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We are empowering companies of all sizes to step into the digital world


+44 (0) 7523980778 +1(847) 962-1066

+44 (0) 7523980778 +1(847) 962-1066

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