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The easiest way to build a digital supply chain

Enspan is a digital messaging system for business partners - a way to get digital transactions to and from your customers and suppliers

Over 98% of the world's supply chain are small and medium sized companies

less than 5%

can share digital shipment info with their customers

meaning over 10M companies in the world's top 37 economies lack digital supply chain tools*

We give every company the ability to digitally showcase their product and services, share transactions with partners and automate key business processes - making them easier to do business with


Enspan gives companies the ability to share product data, send digital shipments, author digital product certificates, automate invoicing and more

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Build your digital ecosystem today

In 10 minutes, your business can have a products and services web page where you can showcase your company's capabilities and share transaction data with your business partners

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Share transactions with your large customers via our API. Learn more by visiting our use cases.

*OECD (2017), “Enterprises by size”, in Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2017, OECD Publishing, Paris. DOI:

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