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Enspan is a digital platform that integrates customers and suppliers in a shared digital marketplace

Move your manufacturing business online

List your products, sell online, manage suppliers, track orders, share shipping status and more


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Is your website missing eCommerce capability?

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Studies show a 20% improvement in sales by having a product catalog and B2B eCommerce solution

Let us solve it in under 30 minutes

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Delight customers

Enable your customers to interact with your products and services

Respond to a quote request

Process a shipment and share shipping data with your customer

Receive invoices and process payments

Manage suppliers

Integrate with your suppliers in real time

Share quotes, POs and certificates

Track shipments and status


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Simple 5 step process

1. Register

2. Upload Logo

3. Upload Products

4. Upload Photos

5. Publish

Are you lacking a supplier portal?

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Collaborate with your suppliers in under 30 minutes

Build your digital ecosystem today

In less than 30 minutes, your business can have a digital storefront and supplier portal where you can showcase your company's capabilities and transact with your business partners

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