The easiest way to build a digital supply chain

Enspan is a digital messaging system for supply chain transactions - a way to get digital transactions to and from your supply chain partners.

Multi-Tier supply chain visibility like never before

Reach your customers by publishing product data without a portal

Use the Enspan API or web-app to publish your product catalog and digital certificates without having to build a custom web portal. Customers can browse your products and view documents and certificates like CoAs, CofCs, MSDSs and more.

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Where's my stuff? Trace products across multiple partners

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Want to know when an order will arrive?  Forget email and phone calls. Enspan is like Slack for Supply Chain - enabling multiple parties to contribute to one product/batch/serial number - giving you complete traceability of your products throughout the supply chain while keeping the information in one convenient place

Quickly integrate your internal and external customers and suppliers

Create your own digital supply chain community by connecting your suppliers and customers using our API or web forms. Securely send and receive product and logistics information. Remove paper by creating digital supply chain documents like Delivery Notes and Product Certificates.

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Digitize supplier invoicing with auto 3-way match

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Billing Approval

Tired of dealing with hundreds of paper invoices? Tell Enspan when you received a supplier's shipment. We workflow a pre-approved invoice to the supplier for their approval.


Approved invoices can be immediately converted to a payable in your accounting system using our API - saving you up to 70% in AP processing

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