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Automate and digitize your business

Are you starting a new business or just want to get rid of your paper processes? Use Enspan to list your products, sell online, integrate & manage suppliers, track orders, share shipping status and more


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eCommerce digital storefront for B2B businesses
eCommerce digital storefront for B2B businesses

Enspan allows customers and suppliers to trade in in real-time in a shared digital marketplace

Business process scope of the solution

Manage Suppliers

Monitor Your Business

Track Shipments

Invoice & Get Paid

Invoice & Get Paid

List Products or Services

Manage Quotations

Online Store

Sell directly to your B2B customers

Studies show a 20% improvement in sales by having a product catalog and digital store

eCommerce digital storefront for B2B businessestorefront.png
digital quotation using
digital shipment that customers and suppliers can access

Build a digital Store
Allow customers to browse and order your products or services or request a quote

Create Quotations
Build Professional Quotations and respond to Customer Requests for Quotes (RFQs)

Share Real-Time Status
Share shipping status in real-time with your customers - track the entire transaction from start to finish

Be up and running in less than 30 minutes!

Young Business Owner

Delight customers

  • Enable your customers to interact with your products and services

  • Respond to a quote request

  • Process a shipment and share shipping data with your customer

  • Receive invoices and process payments

Manage suppliers

  • Integrate with your suppliers in real time

  • Share quotes, POs and certificates

  • Track shipments and status

  • Auto-invoice

Taking Inventory at Warehouse

Automate supplier management  

managing suppliers on a digital platform
  • Set up approved suppliers to automate procurement

  • Easily see and order or get quotes on supplier product and services

  • Suppliers can see their Purchase Orders and Quotes

  • Send digital Purchase Orders automatically via email

  • Track supplier delivery

Digitize your business with a simple 5 step process

1. Register your Business

2. Upload your Logo

3. Create  Products or Services

4. Attach Product Photos

5. Publish your Store

Benefits of using Enspan

  • Streamlined Order and Delivery Tracking: Say goodbye to the challenges of manually tracking orders and customer deliveries. With, you can automate these processes, making it easier to manage and keep track of all your orders efficiently.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide your customers with the convenience of accessing real-time updates and statuses on their orders. Whether through email notifications or an intuitive tracking system on your website, ensures that your customers are always informed without the need to call you repeatedly.

  • Effortless Quotations and Negotiations: Simplify your interactions with suppliers and customers by using's professional quotation module. Create and send quotes, track supplier responses, and negotiate changes seamlessly. The system even allows you to convert quotes into orders automatically, streamlining your procurement process.

  • Seamless Communication with Suppliers: Send purchase orders directly to your suppliers via email or by sharing a link to the order. Suppliers can easily access and interact with the order, facilitating smooth collaboration and reducing manual communication errors.

  • Complete Business Visibility and Verified Transactional Data: Gain a comprehensive overview of your entire business with You'll have complete visibility into your operations, empowering you with accurate and verified transactional data. This data becomes invaluable, especially when seeking external finance, as it provides a trustworthy and auditable record for due diligence purposes.

  • Affordable: Enspan is affordable for businesses of all sizes due to its Freemium pricing - you only pay once your business grows beyond a certain size - set by local markets (see pricing for more)

Coming soon:

  • Integration with Financial Institutions: Soon we will allow financial institutions to provide fast approval on financial loans to grow your business. Banks can quickly determine if your business qualifies for loans by assessing your business performance on Enspan. Using Enspan to record your business transactions improves your chances of being funded.

Store Manager

Launch your digital business today!

In less than 30 minutes, your business can have a digital storefront and supplier portal where you can showcase your company's capabilities and transact with your business partners

Innovate UK award
EU Horizon 2020 award
US Trade and Investment GEP Program award
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